Pet Owners Consider These 5 Pet Stores to be Among the Best Retailers in the U.S.

2022-05-21 16:34:26


  • May 18, 2022

Five pet retailers were recognized on Newsweek’s 2022 America’s Best Retailers list.

Newsweek surveyed more than 10,000 U.S. customers who have shopped in-person inside retail stores in the past three years. The final assessment and rankings were based on how likely these customers would be to recommend the companies to friends and family, and their evaluation of the companies in the areas of products, customer service, atmosphere, accessibility and store layout.

In the pet care category, Hollywood Feed, which has 180 locations in 19 states, ranked No 1.

Chuck and Don’s, which is part of the Independent Pet Partners group and has stores in Colorado, Kansas and Minnesota, ranked No. 2.

At No. 3, is Phoenix-based big-box PetSmart, followed by Pet Supplies Plus, which has more than 600 stores in 38 states, at No. 4.

Rounding out the pet care category at No. 5 is Petland, which has locations across the country.

“Over the last few years, a funny thing happened to brick-and-mortar retailing. It didn't die. Not only that, it appears to be thriving as American retailing continues its recovery from the pandemic,” Nancy Cooper, global editor in chief of Newsweek wrote. “The experience of shopping in a store—the ability to touch and try different products in real life, to get sales help and advice, to enjoy the experience of browsing—is something customers still want and value.”

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