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To be the most trusted and repected leader in global pet products industry



Founded in 2001, Sunnypet is led by an innovative team of professionals that are among the most knowledgeable in the industry. We are passionate about our mission to continuously offer new and exciting products that enhance the lives of pets and their owners alike. All of our product lines are developed, manufactured, inspected and tested in house by specialists. They are sold all over the world, such as USA, Europe, Japan, Australia... 

It is widely acknowledged that our products have the highest quality and most advanced design. We are devoted to becoming the most reliable and respectable leader in gloabl pet industry. Our motto is"we make pet's life better, we make your life easier". It drives us to remain innovative and creative constantly, and develop more new products based on pet's and its owner's needs.




Keep up with the latest news

  • Sunnypet is opening new social platform

    Sunnypet is opening new social platform Facebook, Linkedin & Ins to share our company events and new products...



  • Congrats to our team won a prize!

    For promoting mutual communication and exchanges between trade unions, showing the cohesion of the team vitality, the Huli District Federation of Trade Unions held the fun sports meeting on this June. Our company participated the game positively, and thanks to our team worked together closely and performed excellently, we finally have the honor of the third prize.



  • U.S. Trade with China

    In 2022, both U.S. exports to China and imports from China continued to grow for a third year in a row. U.S. exports totaled $153.8 billion, an increase of 1.6% ($2.4 billion) from 2021; U.S. imports from China totaled $536.8 billion, an increase of 6.3% ($31.8 billion); and the trade deficit with China was $382.9 billion, an increase of 8.3% of ($29.4 billion).




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