R&D Innovation

2021-03-11 09:54:45

Experienced and Passionate R&D Team

We currently have a R&D team including 13 designers. 6 for fabric products development and 7 for wood products development. They all have more than 5+ years experience in pet industry, some even with 8+ year experience. Meanwhile we are recruiting new and young designers to bring passion and creativity to the team from time to time. Because we believe junior designers are still in a development stage, they’ll bring new perspectives to projects that more experienced designers, who are more set in their ways, won’t have. This can be a breath of fresh air for a design practice. The team is growing and expanding to add continous fuel to our development.


Intellectual Property Rights

We understand that intellectual property rights constitute a valuable company asset. We thus strive to both protect these rights and use them effectively. The total number of authorized and pending patent has reached 390 so far and it is increasing every year.

patent  1.jpg

Big Data to Analyze Customer Review

Large volumes of product reviews generated by online users have important strategic value for product development. Reviews are excellent data resource worth taking advantage of. They give out lots of information on customer experience and satisfaction and, more broadly, they often mirror the Voice of Customer. Customers express their opinions and sentiments—which may be positive, neutral, or negative—giving us an insight into their experience but also impacting the business by either recommending it or criticizing it publicly. 

Reviews roll in often, we will watch out for them on a regular basis. We developped an artificial intelligence(AI) software can go through all the reviews and analyze them, giving us a snapshot of the overall “sentiments” people feel about the product/service. This type of software applies machine learning to gain insights that can help us make decisions on real users’ feedback.

The technology behind it involves text analytics (an automated process used to analyze a piece of writing and extract useful information from it) and sentiment analysis (the automated process used to analyze a text and interpret the sentiments behind it.) Sentiment analysis will help you classify reviews as positive, negative, and neutral.

With the help of this technology, we will have a comprehensive understanding of customer feedback. We would be able to improve the product into a better one and also have many new ideas for new designs based on tons of customer reviews.

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