Soft Crate & Play Pen

Item No.: DCC1041

Product Features: 

1. Ideal for the home, the car

2. Comfortable retreat for your pet

3. Easy to assemble design: extra stable with aluminium frame

4. 3 mesh doors, 1 mesh roof: with zips

5. All mesh sections can be easily rolled up and fastened with velcro

6. Nylon blinds: allow you to let your pet rest in complete darkness

7. Removable base with soft plush covering

8. Easy to carry: with two handles on the crate

9. Easy to store 

Product Dimensions:

XS: 510*330*305mm

S: 610*455*430mm

M: 760*505*480mm

L: 910*610*580mm

XL: 1060*710*685mm

XXL: 1220*760*740mm

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